Aricha Keble - Ethiopia

Aricha Keble - Ethiopia

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Aricha Keble - ETHIOPIA

Peach and floral throughout with a balanced citrus acidity. A thick creamy body leads to a long sweet sticky finish with notes of caramelised peach.

Region:  Kaffa
Varietal:  Heirloom
Processing:  Fully Washed
Altitude:  1900m

Hailing from the Kaffa province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia, this Aricha Keble is characteristic of the region; offering remarkable clarity and finish. Yirgacheffe coffees are widely recognized for their fragrant & flowery citrus notes that set it apart from any other coffee in the world. 

This fully washed & sun dried coffee showcases beautiful peach & subtle floral notes best enjoyed as a black coffee.

Flavours - Citrus, Stone Fruit, Raspberry
Aroma - Bergamot, Floral
Acidity - Mild acidity, Bright, Clean, Fresh
Mouthfeel - Creamy, Light

Suggested Recipe
Dose: 22g (22g VST)
Yield: 44g
Time: 28-32sec
Temperature: 94.5°C
Pressure: 6-7 bar

Grind Type:
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